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 SAP Project Management


Managing better your SAP Projects!


Effective project management is necessary to the success of any SAP project. At PM-Partners, we have the best project managers who are experienced both in the SAP industry and business world, so they can comprehend the specific challenges of both. Click here to learn more.


 CFM (Cash Flow Manager) Ver. 3.1


Easily monitor your business cash!


We help you to get control of your business cash flow and to keep excellent financial records. Click here to learn more.


 BLC (Brazil Legal Compliance) Ver. 2.8


No need for third party solution, try BLC for Brazil Legal Compliance!


We help companies in Brazil to manage their accounting systems with information about transactions that took place in the last calendar year, that need to be uploaded to government system through the Internet to the Brazilian Federal Tax Authority database. Click here to learn more.